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Complicated medical surgeries require planning before the actual operation. Doctors plan the operation using rudimentary tools and take some measurements on the actual surgery to the operating theater. We want to change this pipeline of events because it introduces delays and inefficiencies. We want to help doctors visualize their planning in the operating rooms.

Consider a situation where we could show important parameters and visualization data in front of their eyes to aid the surgery. We use state-of-the-art technologies like best visualization headsets and depth sensors to be able to understand the surroundings of the doctor and overlap important information in their view. We are converting off the shelf Virtual Reality headsets to suit Augmented Reality applications, aiding them with cameras and depth sensors for overlapping of 3D model to be overlapped and the real world bone/object.

Install instructions

For the latest version(highly recommended), download the code from github and open it as a new Unity project. Enjoy!


Augmented Reality Aided Medical Surgery.7z 246 MB

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